Michael in Vienna from 1.6 to 8.6.1985

Saturday 1.6.1985

Vevey - Chiemsee (D).
I drive to the Chiemsee Lake via the Vorarlberg and Innsbruck in Austria.

Sunday 2.6.1985

Chiemsee (D) - Vienna (A).
I drive to Vienna via Salzburg and Melk.
I will stay 3 days to visit the city.

Tuesday 6.6.1985

I drive to the Balaton Lake (H) via Eisenstadt (A).
I find a good hotel in Siéfok.

Friday 7.6.1985

The goal of my trip was Constanta, on the coast of the Black Sea in Roumania.
Unfortunately the frontier is closed since 2 days for politicaly reasons.
No opening of the frontier will be done in the next days, so i decide to go back to Switzerland.

I will stay one more day in Ungary and visitng the Balaton Lake.
I'm driving with a Swiss Subaru 4x4. The people see me from far away.
Everywhere when i stop, the people want to know where i come from, what is it for a car, and so on...

Saturday 8.6.1985

The frontier is always closed.
I drive back to Switzerland without a stop.
I'm at home sunday at about 3 o'clock in the morning.

The riesenrad of Vienna

A part of the town, taken from the TV-Tower.

The roof of the cathedral of Vienna

A bulding in Melk

A view on Salzburg


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