Michael in Vietnam from 28.9 to 9.10.1999

Animated Vietnam Flag

Tuesday 28.9.1999

Outward flight : Zürich (ZRH) - Bangkok (BKK) non-stop with Thai-Airways (TG971) in B747-400
Departure 14:40
Arrival 6:45 h
I was on seat 56A. Quiet flight.
The supper : Pan-fried White Fish Noilly Prat, Vegetables, Baba au rhum with vanilla sauce, Tea;
The breakfast : Orange Juice, Fresh Fruit Salad, Omelet, grilled Sausage, bacon and rosti potato, roll, croissant, butter, jam, Tea

Wednesday 29.9.1999

next flight : Bangkok (BKK) - Hanoi (HAN) with Thai-Airways (TG682) in A300-600.
Departure 8:30
Arrival 10:20
I was on seat 67A. At our arrival over Hanoi, the pilot restarts at about 200 meters over the ground.
The pilot tells us that the landing conditions wasn't good enought and that we will wait 20 minutes.
20 minutes later, the pilot tells us that we will wait again 20 minutes and then if the conditions
didn't change, we will flight back to à Bangkok. 20 minutes later, back to Bangkok. In Bangkok, they
tells us that we will change for another plane and starts again in 2 hours.
It's effectively another plane, but from the same type : an Airbus A300-600.
Now we had a good and quiet flight.

Transfert to the Sunway Hôtel.

Thursday 30.9.1999

This morning , we will visit the city of Hanoi and visit the Ho Chi Minh mausoleum.
Then 4 hours with our bus to the Halong bay.
Our bus has broken down. No more water in the cooling system.
After that some liters of water have filled up the cooling circuit, we drive 3 kilomètres.
Again a break down. We are now between two villages and we are waiting for a new bus from Hanoi.
After a while, when the engine cooled down, we drive to a ceramic factory. Here we visit the
factory and we wait 3 hours for our new bus.
When the new bus arrive, the night has fallen down.
Our hotel is the Halong Plaza Hotel.

Friday 1.10.1999

Boat tour in the Halong Bay with dinner.
Then back to Hanoi with our bus.
Spectacle in the National theatre of Hanoi : The waterpuppets.
Our hotel is the Sunway.

Saturday 2.10.1999

Filght : Hanoi (HAN) - Da Nang (DAD) with Vietnam Airlines (VN311) in A320
Departure 6:30
Arrival 8:10
I was on seat 25A. Quiet flight.
We drive with a bus to Hue over the clouds pass.
On the way, we stop on the Lang Cô beach.
Normally, it was planned to fly tu Hue, but Vietnam Airlines
cancelled our flight and transferred us on the flight to Da Nang.
Transfert to the Huong Giang Hotel near the Huong Giang river.

Sunday 3.10.1999

We sail on the perfum river to Chua Thien Mu pagoda.
Then we visit the citadel of Hue, also the emperor palast with the forbidden city.
Then wi visit the tombs of the emperors Tu Duc and Khai Dinh in the south of Hue.
Then we drive to Da Nang over the clouds pass.
Night at the Aiport Hotel.

Monday 4.10.1999

Route from Da Nang to Qui Nhon.
On the way, we visit the Cham museum and some Cham ruins.
Nicht at the Hai Au Hotel.

Tuesday 5.10.1999

Route from Qui Nhon to Nha Trang.
We visit a tempel dedicated to Shiva, and the oceanographical museum.
Night at the Que Huong Hotel.

Wednesday 6.10.1999

Last stage : Nha Trang - Saigon (Hô Chi Minh).
Night at the Best Western Chancery Hotel.

Thursday 7.10.1999

After the breakfast, we visit the city : The Cathedral Notre Dame, The Benh Thanh market, the War museum.
We visit the tunnels of Cu Chi used by the vietnameese resistance.

Friday 8.10.1999

We visit the market of Cholon and the Thien Hau pagoda.
Transfert to the airport of Ho Chi Minh.
Return flight : Ho Chi Minh - Saigon (SGN) - Bangkok (BKK) with Thai-Airways (TG687) in B737-400.
Departure 21:00
Arrival 22:25
I was on seat 42K. Quiet flight.

Saturday 9.10.1999 Next flight : Bangkok (BKK) - Zürich (ZRH) non-stop with Thai-Airways (TG970) in MD-11
Departure 0:15
Arrival 7:10
I was on seat 64J. Quiet flight.
The supper : Vegetable Salad with Walnut and Tomato Salsa, Stir-fried Chicken with black bean sauce, Yellow noodles, Charlotte Alcazar, Tea
The breakfast : Orange juice, Fresh fruit salad and yoghurt, Scambled Eggs on Toast, Chicken Patty, roll, croissant, butter, jam, tea

A statue of Confucius in Hanoi

An old truck

Ceramic painting in a factory

One of our 2 boats in the Halong Bay

My hotel room in Hue

Sand transport on the perfum river

Pig transport over the clouds pass

The entry of an assembly hall in Hoi An

A market that we saw along the road

A fisherman village

A ceramic fish at the entry of the oceanographical museum of Nha Trang

One of the plate in the Chateau restaurant in Saigon


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