Michael in Prague from 26.10 to 30.10.2000

Thursday 26.10.2000

Montreux (CH) - Prague (CZ).
With my girlfriend amie Lenka and Augusto, we start at 21:00 PM to Prague.
We make a stop in Zurich to pick up Nathalie.
We continue our way via Schaffhouse (CH), Karlsruhe (D) and Nuremberg(D).
The way is about 950 Km long.

Friday 27.10.2000

We arrive at the Czech border at about 4:00 AM.
The Czech douanier will not let enter Augusto because he has an brasilian passport and
he needs a visa since 1st January 2000.
Here at the border they don't give visas. We must return to Munich to get one. It takes 3 to 4 days.
We try to pass through two other borders, but there is no way.
Augusto decide to go back to Switzerland by train.
We let him at the train station of Weiden. Then we pass the Czech border at about 11:00 AM.
We arrive in Prague at about 1:00 PM.
A cousine of Lenka waits for us and shows us our room at the university.
We sleep a little bit until 5:00 PM.
In the evening we meet another cousine of Lenka and Czech friends of Lenka and Nathalie.
We eat together some Czech specialities and the we make a little sightseeing in town.
We are sleeping in the university.

Saturday 28.10.2000

This morning we start with a breakfast in town.
The we go to a crystal fabric (SKLO PETR) to buy a lot of things.
They are already waiting for Lenka. We have a show to see how to fabric a crystal fish and glasses.
We have also the possibility to try to make something. It it's very easy with a good teacher.
We make a tour in the city and in some other shops before we go back to the university.
This evening, we go the the National theatre to see LIBUSSA.
It's an opera from Smetana that he composed in 1881.
After the opera, we meet the other friends to eat something.
We are sleeping in the university.

Sunday 29.10.2000

We go to Veselí nad Moravou with 2 cars. The family of my girlfriend Lenka lives there.
We start at about 9:00 AM and after 2 stops near Brno to buy some little things,
we arrive in her family at about 16:00 PM.
Her mother, her grand-parents an un uncle are waiting for us.
We have a big dinner with Lenka's white wine.
We show the photos we took to her family on our laptop.
We downloaded the pictures from our digital camera.

Monday 30.10.2000

Nathalie and me, we drive back to Montreux (CH) via Vienna (A), Munich (D) and
Zurich (CH). The way is about 1100 Km long.
We start at about noon and i arrive at home at about 2 AM after that i made a stop in Zurich for Nathalie.
Lenka stays a while with her family and will be back one week later.

A meal with the friends in Prague

The Charles bridge

The astronomical watch

Nathalie, Lenka and Bohunka

Michael blowing crystal

Bohunka blowing crystal

Lenka, Michael, Bohunka and Nathalie

An evening in Prague with friends

A traditional feast in a village

Lenka, her mother, the cousines and the grand parents

Lenka and me in front of the fire place


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