Michael in Paris from 9.10 to 14.10.1994

Sunday 9.10.1994

Train : Lausanne - Paris Gare de Lyon in a TGV.
Departure 12:46
Arrival 16:31

My Hotel is the Modern Hôtel Lyon. It's located in the Rue Parrot 3, near the railway station.
I buy a one week ticket for the zones 1-2. With it, i can use the RATP tranports in an economical way.

Monday 10.10.1994 to wednesday 12.10.1994

I'm at DIGITAL in Malakoff, to follow the 3 day course "Open VMS system security".
I'm lucky, we are in october and the weather is hot and sunny.
At the evenings, i visite some places that i like in Paris

Tuesday 13.10.1994

Today, i visit the Château of Versailles. You must see it. The garden too.

Friday 14.10.1994

Train : Paris Gare de Lyon - Lausanne in a TGV.
Departure 12:41
Arrival 16:30

The Versailles castle

The Louvre museum and his pyramide

The Arc de Triomphe

The Sacre Coeur at Montmartre and his funiculaire

Notre Dame of Paris

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