Michael in Martinique from 11.10 to 25.10.1986

Saturday 11.10.1986

Flight : Basel-Mulhouse (MLH) - Fort de France (FDF) with Air France (AF229), in B-747-400 .
Departure 13:45
Arrival 18:50

Intermediate landing in Marseille from 14:50 to 16:00

I was on seat 27H. Quiet flight.
Transfer to my hotel, the Frantel Carayou.

Friday 17.10.1986

I make a guided tour of the northern part of the island : The Cathedral Sacré Coeur de Fort de France,
the botanical garden of Balata, the tropical forest of "La Trace", the city of St.Pierre, the Leyritz plantation,
the atlantic coast and the rhum fabric of St.James

Tuesday 21.10.1986

I make a guided tour of the southern part of the island : The museum "La Pagerie", the rhum fabric "La MANY",
Pic-Nic on the beach (with lobsters), view on the island of St.Lucie, the Diamant rock and the bay of Arlet.

Friday 24.10.1986

Flight : Fort de France (FDF) - Basel-Mulhouse (MLH) with Air France (AF227), in B-747 .
Departure 18:40
Arrival saturday at 10:10

Intermediate landing in Marseille from 08:00 to 09:00

I was on seat 21D. Quiet flight.

A view on Fort de France.

A 3 mast in the bay of Fort de France.

A beautifull flower.

The beach of St.Pierre.

A cock ready to fight.

The diamant rock.

The three islands.

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