Michael in Kenia from 11.5 to 26.5.1997

Hakuna Matata

Sunday 11.5.1997

Fly : Zürich (ZRH) - Mombasa (MBA) with TEA Switzerland (TSW4796)
Intermediate landing in Luxor (LXR) to fill up our plane with kerozene.
Departure 21:00
Arrival 7:55
I was on seat 18F. Good flight. The seats next to me were free. I slep very well.

Monday 12.5.1997

Transfert to the hotel on the northcoast. We drive through Mombasa's suburb.
We arrive at the Severin Sea Lodge.
It's a very good hotel. Look at the pictures on all the pages.

Wednesday 14.5.1998

Today, i make a citytour. The old part of the town and the fortification is to be seen.

Sunday 18.5.1998

I start to a fotosafari in "Masaï Maras" national parc.
Fly : Mombasa (MBA) - Governors Camp with African Express Airways.
I was on the copilot seat !
On the way, we are flying along the Kilimandjaro.
Two lions are waiting for us near the landing strip. If we have a crash...
We'll stay 2 nights at the Governors Camp. Big tents with all comfort. But no electricity.
We start with our safari. We have Land Rovers with a guide-driver.
We are four in a car. Back at the camp to have a dinner. Then we drive all the afternoon through the parc.
In the evening we have supper with candles and petrollamps.

Monday 19.5.1998

Early in the morning, it's wake up time. We start with another safari. Then we go back to have our breakfast.
Then we starts with our fourth safari. After dinner, it's already time to go back to Mombasa.
We saw all sorts of african animals.
Fly : Governors Camp - Mombasa (MBA) with African Express Airways.
I was again on the copilot seat.

Thursday 22.5.1998

Today i go to the "Bamburi Nature Trail". Here are also a lot of animals.
We have dinner on place, with antelope, crocodile and some more meat that we don't have in Switzerland.
In the afternoon, we drive back to the hotel.

Monday 26.5.1997

Fly : Mombasa (MBA) - Zürich (ZRH) with TEA Switzerland (TSW4797)
Intermediate landing in Luxor (LXR) to fill up our plane with kerozene.
Departure 8:40
Arrival 17:45
I was on seat 12F. It's an emergency exit. I have more space for my legs.
Good flight and a great view on Kreta and Italy.

The pictures below aren't mine.

Severin Sea Lodge (Mombasa North)

Kilimandjaro (Africas higherst mountain)

A dangerous encounter ...

Some other ones ...

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