Michael in Jordan
from 6.2 to 12.2.2000

Animated Jordan Flag

Sunday 6.2.2000

Outward flight : Geneva (GVA) - Amman (AMM) non stop with Royal Jordanian (RJ116) in A310-300
Departure 14:10
Arrival 19:10
I was on seat 6B. Quiet flight.
Transfert to the Jerusalem International Hotel.

Monday 7.2.2000

Amman - Castles of the Desert - Dead Sea - Amman :

Little tour of Amman, continuation to the visit of the desert castles :
Qasr Amra, Qasr Kharanah and Qasr Azrak.
Continuation to the Dead Sea (-410 meters under Sea).
Night in the Jerusalem International Hotel in Amman.

Tuesday 8.2.2000

Amman - Jerash - Aljun - Amman :

Sightseeing of Amman : The Citadelle, the roman theatre,
the archeological museum and the jordan muesum of popular traditions.
Visite of the archeological site in Jerash and the castle of Aljun.
Night in the Jerusalem International Hotel in Amman.

Wednesday 9.2.2000

Amman - Mount Nebo - Madaba - Kerak - Petra :

Visit of the Mount Nebo (Moses Memorial). Continuation until Madaba.
Visite of the Saint Georges Church. Continuation to Karak and visit of the fort.
Our hotel is the Petra Forum.

Thursday 10.2.2000

Petra :

A full journey to visit the site in Petra: The Khazneh, the theatre and Ed Deir.
Night in the Petra Forum Hôtel.

Friday 11.2.2000

Petra - Wadi Rum - Aqaba :

Morning in Petra.
In the afternoon we drive to Wadi Rum and drive around in the desert with 3 Landrovers.
Night in the Radisson Hotel.

Saturday 12.2.2000

Return flight : Aqaba (AQJ) - Amman (AMM) non stop with Royal Jordanian (RJ3301) in Dash 8-300
Departure 8:00
Arrival 8:50
I was on seat 10D. Quiet and short flight.

Next flight : Amman (AMM) - Geneva (GVA) non stop with Royal Jordanian (RJ115) in A310-300.
Departure 12:00
Arrival 15:45
I was on seat 9A. Quiet flight.

Qasr Al Kharaneh

Jerash : The market place and the main street

Jerash : The main street

Mount Nebo : The Moses Memorial

Petra : The Treasure

Petra : The Monastir

Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum : The arch


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