Michael in Florida from 17.9 to 2.10.1994

Saturday 17.9.1994

Outward flight : Geneva (GVA) - Amsterdam (AMS) with KLM (KL292), in B737-300/400.
Departure 7:00
Arrival 8:25
I was on seat 8A. Short flight.

Outward flight : Amsterdam (AMS) - Orlando (MCO) with KLM (KL631), in B747-400.
Departure 10:55
Arrival 14:15
I was on seat 45A. Quiet flight.
Tranfer to Alamo to pick up my rent-car.
At 16:25 a Chevrolet Cavalier, model 1994 waits for me.
Here, they have a discount-desk who sells tickets for the attraction parks. I buy all tickets i need for my holidays.
Now i drive to my hotel, the Hilton Inn Gateway in Kissimmee.
I'll stay here for the 2 weeks, because it's near the I-4.

Sunday 18.9.1994

Today, i start with "Magic Kingdom".
I need all the day to see and ride the attractions.

Monday 19.9.1994

Today, i drive to the "Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral.
Once there, i make a bus tour to see the Appollo/Saturn V control center and
to see the Space Shuttle who waits on the PAD 39-A.
All the visitor's center must be seen. I drive back at the end of the day.

Tuesday 20.9.1994

Today, i visit "Epcot". This park is more oriented on science. All the explanations are very easy to understand.
And there is the World Show Case. You can go around the world in 4 hours and
it's possible to eat meals of the visited countries.
Norway has a superb exhibition : the "Maelstrom". Some 360 cinemas are at "Epcot".
Here, you'll need also all the day.

Wednesday 21.9.1994

The last of the three WDW parks: The Disney-MGM Studios.
Here, cinema is the king. There are many things to see, on and behind the scene.
And the new attraction is "The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror". Here, you will fall down 13 stages.
Here again, you'll need one full day.

Thursday 22.9.1994

I'll visit Sea World.
The attractions with the Dolphins, Sea Lions, Shamu and Water-Skiing are great.
You must see also the penguins and the sharks.

Friday 23.9.1994

After the MGM studios, the Universal Studios.
Great, they have a "2nd Day Free" action. I won't miss it and will be back at the end of my holidays.
Here, you'll find King-Kong, Jaws, E.T., Back to the Future, Hitchcock, and so on...
Here too, i need all the day.

Saturday 24.9.1994

Today, i drive to the north along the atlantic coast : Daytona and St-Augustine.
In Daytona, you can drive on the beach with your car.
I'll spend some time here on the beach.
While i'm driving to St-Augustine along the coast, i see some beautiful beaches.
There are also some beautilful houses along the road.
In St-Augustine, there is the old town to be see. It's the oldest town of the United States.
I'll drive until Jacksonville. On the town, there is a big thunderstorm.
I decide to drive back to Orlando. I take the road in the center of Florida.
On the way, i see a lot of orange and citrus trees.

Sunday 25.9.1994

Today, i'll drive to the south along the Gulf of Mexico : Tampa and Ft. Myers.
Here it's very different than the atlantic coast.

Monday 26.9.1994

It's raining today.
I decide to visit the Gatorland. The shows with the alligators are very impressive.
Here you can learn the difference between the alligators and the crocodiles.

Tuesday 27.9.1997

Today i drive to Tampa.
I visit the Busch Gardens.
The park has 4 roller-coaster and some wild animals.

Wednesday 28.9.1994

Today, i go to the Cypress Gardens.
This park shows tropical flora : Trees, Flowers, ... They have a butterfly conservatory.
The water ski show is great. You must see it.
From a revolving platform you have a great view on Cypress Gardens.

Thursday 29.9.1994

My reserve day.
With the "2nd Day Free" ticket, i go back to the Universal Studios.

Friday 30.9.1994

For my last day, i go back to the Magic Kingdom and at Epcot.

Saturday 1.10.1994

I retrun my car to Alamo. Transfert to the airport.
Return flight : Orlando (MCO) - Amsterdam (AMS) with KLM (KL632), in B747-400.
Departure 17:15
Arrival on sunday 2.10.1994 at 6:50
I was on seat 54C. Quiet flight.

Amsterdam (AMS) - Geneva (GVA) with KLM (KL295), in B737-300/400.
Departure 9:35
Arrival 11:00
I was on seat 11A.

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