Michael in Egypt from 23.9 to 7.10.1995

Saturday 23.9.1995

Fly : Zürich (ZRH) - Hurghada (HRG) with AMC Aviation (AMV1829) in B-737.
Because a heavy fog was on the Zürich Airport, our plane landed in Basle (BSL). Coaches drive us there.
Departure 13:30
Arrival 19:00
I was on seat 4K. Quiet flight.
19:30 Transfert to Luxor where our ship waits for us.
20:30 Police check after Hurghada. We must wait here to form a convoy for our security.
While we're waiting, we have a very good view on the Milcky Way. Here without lights, we can see a lot of stars.
23:30 We arrive in Louxor. Our ship, the "Jasmin" waits for us. We have supper, then we're going to our cabins.

Sunday 24.9.1998

Luxor 6:30 : We're starting to the King Valley and the Hatshepsut Temple on the left side of the Nile.
Luxor 12:00 : We get under way to Esna, to visit the temple.
The Nile banks are green. 300 meters away, it's the desert.
Sunset over the Nile and the desert. It's great and the temperature are high at this time.
Edfu : Our ship accost here for the night.

Monday 25.9.1998

Edfu : We get under way to Kom Ombo, to visit the next temple.
Kom Ombo 15:15 : We're arriving. About 20 ships are already here.
We starting to Asswan. In the evening we're there.

Tuesday 26.9.1998

Asswan 4:00 : We're starting with a van to Abu Simbel.
On the way, we stop in the middle of the desert to have our breakfast.
Abu Simbel : The two temples are superb.
Asswan 13:30 : We're back at our ship to have dinner.
Asswan 14:45 : We make a tour on a typical sailing ship on the Nile.
We visit the Aga Khan Mausoleum and the botanical garden.

Wednesday 27.9.1998

Asswan : This morning we make a city tour. We visit the dam of asswan, the Philae Temple,
the unfinished obelisk and a papyrus factory.
Then we get under way to Edfu with our ship.
Edfu : Our ship accost here for the night.

Thurday 28.9.1998

Edfu 7:00 : We start our day with the visit of the temple.
Then we start to Luxor.

Friday 29.9.1998

Luxor : We are visiting the Karnak and Habu temples.
There're great, like all the others we've seen.
Our guide was excellent too.

Saturday 30.9.1998

Luxor : We're leaving the Nile. Now we drive back to Hurghada on the Red Sea.
Hurghada : My hotel is the Beach Albatros. One week on the beach and the sea to see the beautiful fishes.

Saturday 7.10.1998

Fly : Hurghada (HRG) - Zürich (ZRH) with AMC Aviation (AMV1828) in B-737.
Departure 5:35
Arrival 9:15
I was on seat 2K. Quiet fly back home.

The pictures below aren't mine.

Who am i ...

The tomb of Thoutmosis III

A typical sailing ship on the Nile

The temple of Edfou. He's dedicated to Horus

The coronation of the pharao is done by Oudjyt and Nekhbet.

The temple of Isis at Philae

Abou Simbel: Four statues of the pharao.

Kom Ombo is a temple dedicated to Sobek and Haroëris.

Karnak: The large hall and the obélisque of Thoutmosis Ist

Beach Albatros in Hourghada (Red sea)

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