Michael in Danmark from 26.7 to 3.8.1986

Saturday 26.7.1986

Renens (CH) - Bønderby (DK).
I drive through Germany. There are no speed limitations on German Highways.
Only near great cities and some big crossings, it's limited to 120 Km/H.
I drive the 1200 km in 10 hours.
I stay some days in Bønderby at a friend that i knew in Montreux.

Wednesday 30.7.1986

Bønderby (DK) - Randers (DK).
I drive until Skagen (It's the northest point of Danemark).
The waters of the North sea and the Baltic sea meets here.
I stay for the night in Randers (hotel Viking).

Tuesday 31.7.1986

I continue untile Kopenhagen (DK).
To get there, i must take a ferry between Nyborg and Halseby.
I stay at the Hotel City until the 2.8.1986.

Friday 1.8.1986

Today i visit Malmö (S). It's a beautifull city.
To get there, i must take a ferry between Helsingør and Helsingborg.
In Sweden, all motor vehicles must drive everytime with the lights on.

Saturday 2.8.1986

I leave Danemark. I take the ferry between Trelleborg (DK) and Puttgarden (D).
On the way at home, i stop for night by my grand-mother.

Sunday 3.8.1986

Back to Renens.

The little mermaid of Copenhagen.

The Gefion Fountain.

The Gefion Fountain and the english church in the background.

A ship in construction.

Danemark and Sweden are very close together.

A house in the port of Malmö.

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