Michael in Czech Republic from
14.4 to 22.4.2001

Saturday 14.04.2001

Montreux (CH) - Veselí nad Moravou (CZ).
With my girlfriend Lenka we drive to Veselí nad Moravou.
Our way goes over Zurich (CH), Munich (D) and Vienna (A).
There are about 1100 Km.

Sunday 15.04.2001

We are visiting a part of the family of Lenka.

Monday 16.04.2001

We are visiting another part of the family of Lenka.

Tuesday 17.04.2001

We are here to buy and order bohemia cristal for our company.
We are exporting Bohemia Cristal in all the countries of the world.
We start our tour to the east. We sleep in a wonderfull pension in Huslenky.

Wednesday 18.04.2001

We have a meeting at the Crystalex company in Karolinka.
On our way back to Zlin, we make some stops to visit some other fabrics.
It's very interresting to see the different types of crystal and the different way to create the products.
In the afternoon, we drive to the north-west of the Czech Republic.
We sleep in a hotel near Kutna Hora.

Thursday 19.04.2001

We continue our way to the north-west in direction of Liberec.
We visit a Christmas Balls fabric and a wholeseller.
We are sleeping in another wonderful pension in Jablonec.

Friday 20.04.2001

We visit a wholeseller of cristal animals and cristal flowers.
The we start our way back with a stop in Prag.
We meet a cousine of Lenka at 3 PM.

Saturday 21.04.2001

We visit the parks of the forteress and walk over the Karl bridge.
In the evening, we assist at a representation in the "Lanterna Magica".

Sunday 22.04.2001

We drive back to Montreux.
Our way goes through Plzen (CZ), Nuremberg (D) and Basel (CH)

In one of the parks of the forteresse

Again in one of the parks

In front of the presidential palast

Again in one of the parks

One entry of the presidential palast

A view of Prag

On the Karl bridge. The national theatre is in the background

ONe of the door of the city of Prag


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