Michael in Corfou from 19.4 to 27.4.1983

Tuesday 19.4.1983

Train : Vevey - Milano Centrale in Inter City (IC).
Milano Centrale - Brindisi in a night train via Bologna, Rimini and Bari.
Between each stop, the ticket-collector wake us. He want check our tickets.
In Bari, the locomotive must be changed.
Until Bari, we had an electric locomotive.
From Bari, we have a diesel locomotive, because nothing is electrified.
Arriving wednesday 20.4.1983 in the late afternoon in Brindisi.

Now i must find a place on a ship for Corfou and then for Patras.
In front of the station, there is an agency who sells tickets.
The Fragline compagny starts everyday to Patras via Corfou.
Departure 21:00 with the C/F Georgios.

Thursday 21.4.1983

Arrival 7:00 in Corfou.
I find a lodging for 2 days.
Enought time to see the island.

Saturday 23.4.1983

I continue my trip to Corinthos.
By ship until Patras via Igoumenitsa.
Departure 7:00 with the C/F Georgios.
Arrival 17:00
Then, with the train until Corinthos.

Sunday 24.4.1983

I take the train to Athen.
I make a little city tour.
The major time of my visit is on the Akropolis.

Monday 25.4.1983

Back to home: I take the train to Patras.
Then, with the ship, until Brindisi via Igoumenitsa and Corfou.
Departure 21:30 with the C/F Eolos.

Tuesday 26.4.1983

Arrival 16:00
I take the night train to Milano Centrale via Bari, Rimini and Bologna.

Wednesday 27.4.1983

After a little tour in Milano, i take another train.
Milano Centrale - Vevey in IC.

The port of Corfou.

The Akropolis in Athen.

Another view of the Akropolis.

The canal of Corinthos.

A little ship in the canal.

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