Michael in California from 14.6 to 30.6.1995

Wednesday 14.6.1995

Outward flight : Zürich (ZRH) - San Francisco (SFO) via Washington (IAD) with United Airlines (UA965),
in a
B767-300 and then in a B747-200.
Departure 12:00
Arrival 16:00
I was on seat 28C. Quiet fly.

Departure 17:15
Arrival 20:36
I was on seat 45E. Quiet fly, after we wait on the tarmac until the thunderstorm clouds had gone away.

Tranfert to Alamo to take my rent car.
At 21:50 a Chevrolet Corsica waits for me.
I drive to my hotel, the Best Western Americania in San Francisco.
I'll stay here until saturday 17.6.1995. They offers a free shuttle service to Union Square.

Thurday 15.6.1995

At first, i buy a 3 Day Muni Passeport. With it, i can take all the transports of the town.
I take the cable-car to Fisherman's Wharf.
I stay here and ont the piers a large part of the day. Some Sea lions sleeps in the sun.
I go also to the Golden Gate Bridge. It's very impressive. The wind blows a lot on the bridge.

Friday 16.6.1995

Today, i visit the Alcatraz Island. At Pier 41 near Fisherman's Wharf,
i take one of the red white ferry to reach Alcatraz. The island is very interresting.
On the way back to my hotel, i stop in Chinatown. It's like a real chineese town.

Saturday 17.6.1995

Today, i drive to the south along the pacific coast. The views are great.
At the evening, i decide to stop in Santa Barbara. I visit the pier and the town. I like this town.
I sleep in the Days Inn Oceanside.

Sunday 18.6.1995

I drive again to the south. I stop on Malibu beach for an hour.
Then i take the road again, until Chula Vista in the south of San Diego.
I'll stay 2 nights in the Best Western South Bay Inn.

Monday 19.6.1995

Today, i go to Sea World in San Diego. The park isn't the same as the one of Orlando.
In the afternoon, i go to the mexican frontier. I visit Tijuana on the mexican side.

Tuesday 20.6.1995

Today, i change the state. I drive to Las Vegas, Nevada. The town of the Casino-Hotels.
On the way there, i drive through the Mojave desert. A long way ahead.
This evening i sleep in the Best Western Mardi Gras Inn. I'll stay 2 nights here.

Wednesday 21.6.1995

Today, i go on the Strip. I make the tour of the hotel and their attractions. It's a beautiful place to be.
The electricity consumption is very high here.

Thursday 22.6.1995

Today, i drive to another state: Arizona.
In the late afternoon, i arrive in Flagstaff. My hotel is the Best Western Kings House Motel.
Once my luggage is in my room, i drive to the Grand Canyon. I'm there in the beginning of the evening.
I go to Papillon Helicopters. I'm lucky, they have one free place on the last tour.
The tour is great. The Canyon is very impressive. I'm seating at the co-pilot's place. My pilot is a lovely girl.
After the landing, i stay here to see the sunset over the canyon. The colors are very beautiful.
Then i drive back to Flagstaff.

Friday 23.6.1995

Today, i drive back to Las Vegas over a part of the Route 66.
In Las Vegas, i make another round trip on the Strip.
I sleep again in the Best Western Mardi Gras Inn.

Saturday 24.6.1995

Today, i visit the Death Valley. The temparature is very high. I go to the lowest point of the United States.
Then i continue until Bishop.
I sleep in the Best Western Holiday Spa Lodge.

Sunday 25.6.1995

Today, i'll visit the Yosemite National Park. I must drive over a pass to reach it.
The Tiogapass is closed. Too much snow. I take the Sonorapass. It's open since only 2 days.
The Yosemite is closed, because too much people are in there. I have a reservation in an hotel in Mariposa.
So i can drive into the park. It's great.
I sleep in Mariposa in the Best Western Yosemite Way Station.

Monday 26.6.1995

After the Yosemite National Park, i continue with the Sequoia National Park.
The trees are very high and large.
I stay over night in Three Rivers in the Best Western Holiday Lodge.

Tuesday 27.6.1995

Today, i drive back to the pacific coast. In Monterey, i make the "17-mile Drive Scenic Tour".
I stay over night in the Best Western Magic Carpet Lodge.

Wednesday 28.6.1995

I drive to the north until Santa Cruz. The Boardwalk must be seen.
Then i drive to the south of San Francisco, near the airport.
I sleep my last night in the Best Western El Rancho Inn.

Thursday 29.6.1995

I return my car to Alamo. Transfert to the airport.
Return flight : San Francisco (SFO) - Zürich (ZRH) via Washington (IAD) with United Airlines (UA964),
in a
B747-200 and then a B767-300.
Departure 8:55
Arrival 15:50
I was on seat 29J. Quiet fly.

Departure 17:40
Arrival 7:40
I was on seat 22C. Quiet fly.

The pictures below aren't mine.

The Golden Gate Bridge

The Cable Car


The beach of Santa Barbara

Sea World in San Diego

MGM Las Vegas

Grand Canyon

The Death Valley

Yosemite N.P.

Sequoia N.P.

Monterey 17 miles drive

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